About Happy and Free ®

The Journey Here

Happy and Free Studios was founded about 3 years ago by Ruth Caplin to deliver exceptional web design services, when she settled in the waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands with her partner, Gary Christensen, and their two very cute scottish terriers, Ha Ha and Maitai.  At the same time, Gary Christensen founded Happy and Free Productions to deliver exceptional videography and editing services. We came over to the Caribbean on our boat, Lakshmi, leaving New York in late 2005. You can read more about our journey at the Happy and Free website.

That journey was the beginning of a mid-life adventure in consciousness, a self discovery journey at the heart of which was an unrelentless drive to break free of the shackles of limiting belief structures, old disfunctional habits and fears embedded deep in our psyches from lifetimes — to clear those out of our system by giving ourselves a little time to explore a world of beautiful sandy beaches, deserted islands, exquisite sunsets and sunrises, palm trees, iguanas, and sea creatures of all sorts. We may have been a bit burnt out when we first began our journey, but by the time we reached the U.S. Virgin Islands, we had fallen in love again with this beautiful planet, and felt a growing unrelentless drive to discover and live our life purpose, to follow our heart — what makes us happy and free, put our skills to work because more than anything we now wanted to make a meaningful contribution to our community. From that self-discovery process we founded Happy and Free Studios, Happy and Free Productions, and Diving St. Thomas.

Core Values

"Happy and Free" describes the spirit of our commitment to our community, an ideal we believe in -- that each human being has a divine right to be Happy and Free.  It is a vision we hold for us and our global community, and the core values behind all that we are and do.  We are committed to doing all that we can to brighten up your day, support and empower people to be Happy and Free, through our work, products, and services.

Why U.S. Virgin Islands as a base of operations?

smilesDo you know that more than 2 million people visit the U.S. Virgin Islands each year, and that "smiles" are our biggest export product?  People come here for a vacation in paradise and leave with huge smiles on their faces from the wonderful time they had here.  When we saw this, we realized how sympatico that was with the spirit of Happy and Free. What better place to begin?

About Ruth Caplin, Founder of Happy and Free Studios

Over 25 years experience as a computer technology professional, designing and developing websites, cool graphics and 3D animation is Ruth's creative passion and joy.  With a B.S. in Computer Science, Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts, a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), and more than 2 decades of experience as an independent computer consultant to Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries, Ruth's extensive background in designing systems that meet the precise needs of the client — she brings a wealth of value and depth to every project she undertakes.

Ruth founded Happy and Free Studios so she could bring a more personal one-on-one approach to digitally assisting and supporting the community with their website needs.  In seeing how interconnected we all are, and the unique value each person brings from the message, services, products, and skills they offer, Ruth loves to create websites that reflect and communicate the highest truths and energies behind the website's purpose for being.  Ruth's fine-honed intuitive, heart-based approach helps her to feel the client's unique energetic contribution to this world, and her creative technology skills help to bring those truths forward to reach the people its meant to reach through the world wide web. 

Why the Dolphin and Butterfly?

Why the Dolphin and Butterfly imagery on this site, and what do they have to do with my approach towards website design?  Well the dolphin energy is this multidimensional happy and joyous fun aproach towards webite design that embodies the spirit and energy behind Happy and Free Studios.  The Butterfly represents the deep transformative, clarification process that occurs as the website is created.

Visit  the Happy and Free family of websites at: www.happyandfree.com | www.happyandfreeproductions.com | www.divingstthomas.com
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